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Home Inspection Training Course

This course covers everything from the fundamentals of home inspection, radon inspection and a marketing course catered to home inspectors. Start your career the right way and be prepared for a rewarding journey in the home inspection industry! 

Inspectors Squad's Home Inspection Program allowed me to be ready for the real world. Their marketing courses are what really made the difference in my opinion due to their attention to detail. I have a nice sales funnel in place currently and the calls keep coming in. Glad to recommend this program to anyone looking to change careers.
Roger Stevenson
- Graduate Class of 2019


Field Operations

Our team of home inspectors have seen it all over the years. While we all learn and grow everyday, we are quite confident we have seen majority of the scenarios you may come across on the field. Our job is to prepare you for your home inspection career. This includes supporting you when you have questions about something you came across during one of your home inspections. 

We want you to communicate well with your clients as well as realtors who have hired you. We want you to write detail reports outlining potential flaws in the house. Inspectors Squad is on your side from the time you register our course to a few years down the road when you come across something unique you have never seen before. 

Our Mission is to prepare you for success in this industry. This includes answering any questions you may have on the field as well. 

Technical Questions

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Maybe you missed a key component of the pool inspection you did and your clients are upset. Now they want to take you to court. How do you handle that? What do you do? Don’t worry. We have been there. Done That. 

While something like this taking place is quite rare, it does happen to every inspector from time to time. Our Inspectors are by no means lawyers but we can definitely help guide you in the right direction. 

Our Mission is to prepare you for success in this industry. This includes answering any technical questions you may come across on the field as well.

Marketing Help and Support

All the home inspection knowledge is useless if you cannot market yourself. Whether you are looking to establish yourself in the industry are looking to create a multi inspector agency, we are here to help you. 

Our Inspectors have been through the journey of establishing their companies and know exactly what to do. Why would be help you? Because there is too much demand for any one inspector or company to handle! 

Our Mission is to prepare you for success in this industry. This includes helping you market your business with the right tools and agencies if needed.

Ready to Make $100,000/Year?*

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*Based on a study surveying the responses of 2,483 inspectors across North America (ASHI Business Operations Survey)