Why Online?

Online Home Inspector Training vs Classroom home Inspector Training.


EARN $100,000+ A YEAR*

*American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Business Operations Survey

The average home inspector earns

$70,000 A YEAR*

20% of home inspectors earn

$100,000+/ YEAR*

Old School Methods are Quickly Outdating

We don’t believe in drilling home inspection material into your head as quickly as possible. Students should be allowed to learn it at their own pace and move along the material once they are comfortable. Can you imagine sitting in a classroom for 10 days consecutively working for 10 hours a day only to forget half the stuff you were thought? 

The Human Mind can only absorb so much information in a sitting. We tend to forget things in every industry and its better to have material at your disposal when you need it. 

Classroom is moving too Slow or fast for you.

You refuse to try and adapt to online technology and are adamant about signing up for that in class training. No problem. Now they are moving too fast or too slow for you and you are now frustrated by Susan asking a million questions which seem easy to you. 

Sounds Familiar? Don’t end up in a class with Susan. Save yourself the hassle and work at your own pace. 

Online Home Inspector Training

Finally. You have decided on the online version of home inspection training. Inspectors Squad’s course contains more information, costs less, does more for your business and provides you with exception customer support during and after the course.

Ready To Start Your Career?

Reach out to an expert to discuss your options or enroll in an online course today to get a jumpstart on your career path. We offer classroom training in select states, online course training throughout the nation, and continuing education courses in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Ready to Make $100,000/Year?*

Talk to one of our consultants and see if this is the right fit for you. 

*Based on a study surveying the responses of 2,483 inspectors across North America (ASHI Business Operations Survey)