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State Licensing Requirements

Congratulations. You have decided on becoming a home inspector. Now its time to start the process. The first step needed to is determine your states licensing requirements for home inspection. While some states require no official license, others will require classroom training and even on field experience in some parts of the country.

Enroll in Pre-Licensing Training

Regardless of your states requirements for home inspection licensing, you will need training for your new career. Our Home Inspection Training Program follows the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. It will more than prepare you for both - the exam and the industry after. Courses are online and available 24/7.

Pass Your Exams

Your State or National Home Inspector Exams will be 200 questions based on the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. The same material this course is built on. While the National Exam will cost around $225/attempt, the state level exam tends to vary by the state you reside in. Almost all of our students pass their exam on the first try thanks to the depth of our course.

Meet the Other Requirements

As mentioned, some states will need you to go above an beyond just a course and their exam. While some of these are minor, some may look like a major obstacle . Some of the more common requirements are - Background Checks, Submitting Fingerprints, Liability Insurance, On Field Experience and Drafting Home Inspection Reports. These are just some common requirements which vary by the state. Your State may only need a few of these requirements.

Grow Your Career

As you will quickly find out, home inspections are what you can make of them. There can be as many or as few opportunities as you create for yourself. You can work part time and earn some extra cash or you can build a multi inspector business generating tons of profit for your company. Regardless of what practice you decide to run, Commercial Liability Insurance is highly recommended to all of our potential home inspectors. Why? Because you are a reputable company and some states will even mandate it.

Never Stop Learning.

We learn everyday. Regardless of the industry you are in, we grow everyday. While the in depth training we provide will prove sufficient over the next few years, there is always new technology and methods to improve you craft. There are several courses one can take to better themselves over time. Best part of signing up for our platform is that these course will always be accessible as a member of the community. We value nothing more than our students excelling in this home inspection industry.


EARN $100,000+ A YEAR*

*American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Business Operations Survey

The average home inspector earns

$70,000 A YEAR*

20% of home inspectors earn

$100,000+/ YEAR*

Select Courses & Training That Fit Your Needs

Training is everything. Since most of you are brand new to the industry, you want the best possible training you can get. There are tons of places offering home inspector training courses but few match the quality and detail of our training program. We are confident in our quality, cost, content and lastly and most importantly – customer service. 

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a  home inspection training program:

  • Are the people teaching you experienced? 
  • Is the training material you need easily accessible? 24/7?
  • Is the course comprehensive? Does it include mold and radon inspection training? 
  • Is there a time limit to the how long students have? 
  • Is there Commercial Property Inspection included? 
  • Are the instructors available to provide support during and after the program is finished? 

Our home inspection training program checks all the boxes from above. Additionally, we teach you the business of home inspection, not just how to perform your trade. 

Additional Home Inspection Courses

Our Home Inspection Training Course will teach you everything about home inspections AND marketing your new business. While we cannot speak on behalf of our competitors, not many can offer as much content as we do, at the price we do! 

Your home inspection training course fee covers 15 bonus courses such as: 

  • Commercial Property Inspection
  • Marketing for home Inspectors
  • Mold Inspection
  • Radon Inspection 
  • Mobile, Manufactures, tiny and Log Home Inspection
  • Wood Destroying Organism
  • Pool and Spa Inspection
  • Septic Tank Inspection
  • Smart Home Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler System Inspection
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Lead Paint Inspection
  • Well Water Inspection
  • Building a Multi-Inspector Business! 

Online Courses vs. In-Person Courses

We exclusively offer only online home inspector training courses. No Classroom versions. Why not? Because technology continues to evolve and the next generation of home inspectors should be comfortable using technology. As time goes on, you will be communicating with your clients online, emailing them their reports and even collecting credit card information online. So why fight technology? Embrace it. 


Our Home Inspector Training Program does not have an expiry date. You can finish the course as quickly or as slowly as you like. Majority of our students finish their courses in about 3-4 weeks, while some of them finish it as quickly as 10 days. Upon completion of our course, you will receive a certificate of completion and register for the state or national exam if needed. While some states will need you to perform additional requirements such as “on field” experience with a certified home inspector, majority of the states will let you start out.  


Inspectors Squad offers Online Home Inspection Training Courses for just $699. There may be other registration and examination fees you need to consider as well. However, starting out in a new business with lots of upside for less than $1000 is quite good. Additionally, we offer courses such as radon and mold inspection as part of this tuition fees. Other programs often charge hundreds for these same courses.

How to Be A Successful Home Inspector

Once you receive your license from the state where you plan to work, you’ll need to consider additional factors that will affect your ability to be successful in the home inspector market:

  • Sharpen your people skills
  • Join professional home inspector organizations
  • Choose a career path that’s right for you
  • Get certified in specialty fields to increase your marketability
  • Continue your education

Ready To Start Your Career?

Give us a call today to discuss some of your options for enrolling in our online course today. This has been one of the best decisions for many of our students as they practice home inspection across the country with varying levels of success. The average earning is reported to be around $70,000 according to a study done by ASHI. 

Ready to Make $100,000/Year?*

Talk to one of our consultants and see if this is the right fit for you. 

*Based on a study surveying the responses of 2,483 inspectors across North America (ASHI Business Operations Survey)